Big Four Creative

We are a creative consulting agency focused on engineerng wonderful code and applications.

What we offer

Web Development

We are skilled web development experts that can build what your company needs on-time, on-budget, and on-target. We specialize in C++, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP.

Mobile Development

We have well sought after mobile experts, who can design, build, and ship your mobile app in a matter of hours. We specialize in Swift, Java, Kotlin, and React-Native.

UI & UX Design

With careful attention to detail we can design truly beautiful application interfaces and websites that people crave using. We can follow plans, or design ourselves.

Tech Consulting

Do you want an amazing application, but don't know how to code or handle infrastructure? Do you want advice on how to build a system? We will help you out.

Awesome Support

We are always here to help when your site crashes or gets hacked, and we can make sure it doesnt happen again. We will speedily have someone on the job for you!

E-Commerce Development

Do you sell stuff online? Our team has tons of experience building and managing eCommerce websites, and can help optimize sales.

Why Choose Us

We are a very passionate and dedicated group of programmers. We are the first ones to learn about new technologies and how to implement them. Our pride lies within our ability to develop and design high quality code.

Tons of programming experience and expertise.

Up to date with the newest technologies.

Varied skills across different software industries.

Knowledgable in Web and Mobile Applications, E-Commerce platforms, Artificial Intelligence, and Testing Frameworks.


Fluent Languages




Cups of Coffee


Projects completed


The team can be hired as a group for larger projects, or individually for smaller projects based on project need.

Our group developement prices range from $150/hr to $400/hr (CAD) depending on the project size and interest level of our partners.

To hire an individual consultant, their rates and skills are described in the team page.

Our Team

Jacob Steves

Chief Executive Officer

Drake Morin

Chief Operating Officer

David Negrazis

Chief Techonology Officer

Jacob Prud'homme

Chief Creative Officer

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